Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Project Physics and Engineering
Shaker Hts. High will be starting a new course next year entitled Project Physics and Engineering. We will be incorporating physics topics and engineering topics together. We were already adding a lot of design projects to our Project Physics course and decided to make the course a 50/50 physics and engineering. Our thoughts were to give the students more engineering without losing a physics class, so we will be teaching the physic through engineering projects. Students will maintain research logbooks, write technical papers and give presentations for the design projects.

I would like to know your thoughts and any interesting projects with a physics/engineering twist.


Jerry said...

A workshop is always a great way to get ideas out to others – lots of work. The 50/50 physics/engineering course sounds interesting. What topics will you be covering/taking out?

Joe Marencik said...

Jerry, if you are refering to topics covered in the Project Physics and Engineering course, we will be covering Machines, Motion on Land, Water, Air and Space, Energy, Electricity and Electronics, Magnetism and Waves. We will be attempting to get in as much physics as possible with 1-2 week long projects that emphasize these topics. A few of the projects will be Seige Machines, Robotics, Boats, Airplanes/Hot Air Balloons, Alternative Energies, Household Wiring, Slot Cars, and Musical Instruments. We already have some of these activities which you can see on my Project Physics webpage, but some we will be developing this summer.