Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cross-Content Projects
I will be putting on a STEM/engineering workshop in a few weeks with teachers from grades K-12. I will be disseminating design project idea from my own courses. A number of teachers attending the workshop are in the elementary grade levels. Although I have modified a number of my own high school projects for elementary and middle school grades, I am interested in more projects that may incorporate, not only science and math, but also other content areas such as social studies, language, art and music. I would like to have a number of cross-content projects that will enable teachers to hit many subjects in one activity.


Jerry said...

I went to your website, and you have quite a bit of information there. I like how you put up a syllabus for each class and students can access assignments from there. The engineering class looks like fun, and I like the idea of a student journal – how do the students like it? I see you are using APA style for their technical reports – great idea. As far as ideas for the earlier grades try the following sites: and

Joe Marencik said...

Jerry, thanks for the comments. I started my class websites a few years ago mainly to upload assignments for students to print out when they "misplaced or lost" the original one that I handed out to them in class. I was tired of making extra copies and having student come the next day without assignments because they said they could not find it. Now they have no excuse. They can access the website from any internet enabled computer. I refer many people to my website so they can get information and lessons for their own classroom. I put up a writing in the content area post which talks about the writing I do with my physics and engineering classes. You may want to look at that.