Thursday, September 3, 2009

GPS in STEM Education

There is an interesting Web site that deals with science teaching at all grade levels called The Science Spot at the URL: This site offers much to science and STEM teachers. I was looking for ideas to use GPS in the classroom and for Boy Scouts. I found that the Science Spot had a number of activities using GPS on the following Web page: This site has a lot to offer in all areas of science primarily at the middle grades level, but with lessons at for other grade levels as well. Enjoy!


AlBowers said...

Dear Joe,
Your blog comes up as 1st on the search from Google with "STEM" and "blog." It would appear you and I are on two ends of the same pipeline, I am the Associate Director of Research at a NASA Field Center and chair of our Student Programs Working Group. I wanted to congratulate and commend you for your efforts to raise STEM awareness for our collective future. It is only through efforts by you and your fellow teachers (a much undervalued and misunderstood career) that future scientists/technologists/engineers can improve our understanding of humanities place in the cosmos. Keep up the good work... With my best personal regards, Al Bowers

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